PicaView Version 2.0 Free trial

Conveniently display photos and video files, right out of Windows' Explorer

PicaView is a great utility for viewing and playing image and multimedia files of a great variety. The software program is essentially a Windows Explorer add-on that allows viewing of images, mpeg files, jpeg files and movie files that also offers right-click access throughout Windows. This means you'll be able to access it with ease and with speed thus saving precious time.
With PicaView you'll be able to view and play files of over 40 formats, including jpeg, ico, tiff, gif, wmf, bmp, avi, and mpeg. In addition, it's great for viewing images from digital cameras.
PicaView also offers image processing and batch file management features such as creating and printing image contact sheets, converting image files into other formats, re-arranging images within a folder, and rotating JPEG files.
Being a compact application it nonetheless offers quite a variety of features and capabilities which make it an effective tool recommended to anyone in need of a decent image viewer and manager.
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